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15, 2015

  • Ontology terms are now mapped to Ensembl Release 73 Genes.
  • The mouse mm10 assembly is now supported.
  • New ontologies of MSigDB Immunologic Signatures and MSigDB Oncogenic Signatures are now added. Ontologies of transcription factor targets and miRNA targets  have been dropped in GREAT 3.0 but are still in version 2.0.
  • The hg18 human assembly is not supported in GREAT version 3.0 but is still supported in GREAT version 2.0.


April 3, 2012

  • Mouse and human ontology data has been updated with new data so reproducing results prior to 2.0 need to be done using 1.8
  • Extended programming interface to allow batch jobs to receive tsv output
  • Added the export "All data as .tsv" option to "Global Export".
  • The export for individual ontologies was also extended to output gene and regions hit and the FDR values.
  • Added data visualization features to GREAT
    • Export tables as barplots
    • View enriched terms in hierarchy
  • New modern CSS skin
  • Zebrafish ontology data remains identical to GREAT 1.8 and thus can be reproduced using the 2.0 interface