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The "Number of associated genes per region" graph shows how many genes each genomic region is assigned as putatively regulating based on the association rule used.

Wiki MarkupThe distance to TSS graphs show the distance between input regions and their putatively regulated genes. The distances are divided into four separate bins: one from 0 to 5 kb, another from 5 kb to 50 kb, a third from 50 kb to 500 kb, and a final bin of all associations over 500 kb. For preciseness, the bins are \ [0, 5 kb\], (5 kb, 50 kb\], (50 kb, 500 kb\], (500 kb, Infinity). In both graphs, all associations precisely at 0 (i.e. on the TSS) are split evenly between the \ [-5 kb, 0\] and \ [0, 5 kb\] bins.

Two graphs are displayed: one in which region-gene associations are binned by both distance and gene orientation (so an association of an input genomic region that is 10 kb upstream of its predicted target gene is counted in a separate bin from another genomic region that is 10 kb downstream of its predicted target gene), and another in which only the distance to TSS is considered.